The ultimate Valorant Astra Guide in 2023 - The Best Tips and Tricks

Check out these ultimate tips and tricks for Astra to rank up! Astra, the Ghanaian cosmic controller, brings a celestial touch to Valorant's battlefield. With her astral form and cosmic divides, she can reshape the flow of any match. But how do you truly become one with the universe and master Astra's potential? Let's journey through the stars and uncover the best strategies to dominate as this cosmic controller.

Valorant Astra: Key Takeaways

Skills: Nebula (Smoke), Nova Pulse, Gravity Well, Cosmic Divide.

Attackers' Role: Use Nebula to obscure sightlines, deploy Gravity Well to disrupt defenders, and employ Cosmic Divide to split sites or block enemy rotations.

Defenders' Role: Control chokepoints with Nebula and Gravity Well, counter rushes with Nova Pulse, and use Cosmic Divide to isolate attackers or protect retakes.

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Plan Ahead with Astral Form

Astra's unique ability to enter Astral Form allows her to place stars across the map. Always have a game plan. Whether it's setting up for an execute or anticipating enemy pushes, place your stars strategically to maximize their impact.

Astra - Nebula: More than Just a Smoke

Astra's Nebula is a versatile smoke that can be activated from any star. Use it to block sightlines, create fake pushes, or even obscure your Gravity Well. Remember, you can also recall your stars, creating a brief fake smoke, which can be used to bait out enemy reactions.

Astra - Disrupt with Gravity Well and Nova Pulse

Gravity Well can pull enemies out of cover, making them easy targets. Pair it with a Nebula for a deadly combo. Nova Pulse, on the other hand, can deter fast pushes and leave enemies dazed and vulnerable.

Astra - Cosmic Divide: The Ultimate Game Changer

Astra's ultimate, Cosmic Divide, can split sites, block sound, and create safe passages. Use it to cut off enemy rotations, isolate parts of the site, or even protect post-plant situations. Communication is key; ensure your team is ready to capitalize on the space you create.

Astra - Attacking Tips:

Deploy Nebula on common defensive angles to force enemies out of position.

Use Gravity Well on tight corners or popular spots to expose defenders.

Consider using Cosmic Divide to split sites, making it harder for defenders to support each other.

Astra - Defending Tips:

Place stars on chokepoints and activate Nebula or Nova Pulse based on enemy movement.

Use Gravity Well to disrupt enemy executes or to pull attackers into vulnerable positions.

Deploy Cosmic Divide to block sound and vision, forcing attackers to rethink their strategy.

In conclusion, Astra's cosmic abilities offer a fresh approach to controlling the battlefield in Valorant. With the right strategies and a touch of celestial insight, she can shift the tides of any match. So, the next time you step into the astral plane as Astra, remember these tips and let the cosmos guide your victory! We hope these Astra tips and tricks helped you out on your journey to rank up!

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