The ultimate Valorant Breach Guide in 2023 - The Best Tips and Tricks

Check out these ultimate tips and tricks for Breach to rank up! Breach, the seismic sultan of Valorant. With a knack for shaking things up (literally), he's here to make walls and enemies tremble. Ready to rumble? Let's breach the subject.

Valorant Breach: Quick Hits

Skills: Aftershock, Flashpoint, Fault Line, Rolling Thunder.

Attackers' Role: Disrupt defenders with Flashpoint, clear tight spots with Aftershock, and pave the way with Rolling Thunder.

Defenders' Role: Stall pushes with Fault Line, blind entry points with Flashpoint, and counter-aggress with Rolling Thunder.

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Breach - Flashpoint: Blind and Shine

Breach's Flashpoint isn't your ordinary flash. Deploy it through walls to catch enemies off-guard. Mix up its placement to keep foes guessing.

Breach -Aftershock: Clearing the Way

Use Aftershock to flush enemies out of tight corners or common hiding spots. It's a great tool to ensure a space is clear before making a move.

Breach - Fault Line: The Ultimate Staller

Spanning the entire map, Fault Line can delay pushes and disorient enemies. Use it to break up coordinated attacks or to give your team an edge in engagements.

Breach - Rolling Thunder: Earth-Shattering Impact

Breach's ultimate is a game-changer. Use it to initiate site takes, disrupt enemy setups, or turn the tide of a losing fight. Its wide radius and disorienting effect can swing rounds in your favor.

Breach - Attacking Tips:

Lead with Flashpoint to blind common angles.

Use Aftershock to clear close corners or popular hideouts.

Deploy Rolling Thunder to disrupt defenders and create chaos.

Breach - Defending Tips:

Use Fault Line on chokepoints to delay attackers.

Counter-flash with Flashpoint to disrupt entry fraggers.

Activate Rolling Thunder to break up coordinated site takes.

In a nutshell, Breach is all about causing seismic shifts in the game's dynamics. With the right strategies, you can make the earth move under your enemies' feet. So, gear up, get loud, and let the tremors begin! We hope these Breach tips and tricks helped you out on your journey to rank up!

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