The ultimate Valorant Brimstone Guide in 2023 - The Best Tips and Tricks

These are the ultimate tips and tricks for Brimstone to rank up! Brimstone has become a staple in many Valorant lineups. But how do you truly master the art of Brim? Let's dive into the smoky world of Brimstone and uncover the best tips and tricks to elevate your gameplay.

Valorant Brimstone: Key Takeaways

Skills: Stim Beacon, Incendiary, Sky Smoke, Orbital Strike.

Attackers' Role: Block vision with smokes, delay spike defuses, and be ready to trade your entry fraggers.

Defenders' Role: Delay early pushes with Incendiary or smokes, deny vision with Sky Smoke, and lead retakes with Stim Beacon.

1. Stack Your Incendiary and Orbital Strike

Brimstone's Incendiary and Orbital Strike are the dynamic duo of post-plant abilities. They cover vast areas, linger annoyingly long, and pack a punch in terms of damage. To maximize their potential, try stacking them. Launch an Orbital Strike on the first tap, followed by an Incendiary. Just remember, your life is precious; play from a safe distance.

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2. Don't Waste Your Smokes on Fakes

Brimstone's smokes are like the Rolls Royce of Valorant smokes - wide and long-lasting. However, with only three per round, they're also a limited luxury. Instead of squandering them on fakes, collaborate with teammates like Killjoy or Sage to create diversions.

3. Save a Smoke for Post-Plant Plays

New Brimstone players often get smoke-happy, using all three during site takes. But sometimes, less is more. Two smokes can often secure a site, leaving one for post-plant plays. Proper placement is crucial, and remember, more isn't always better.

4. Time Your Resmokes

Brimstone's smokes have a lifespan of just over 19 seconds. Keep this number in mind, and be ready to redeploy a smoke just as the previous one fades. This continuous smoke coverage can frustrate and stall enemies.

5. Attacking Tips as Brimstone:

Place smokes near the edges of walls to prevent enemies from using them as cover.

Pair smokes with molotovs in areas like A heaven on Ascent or garage on Haven.

Deploy your Stim Beacon as your team pushes onto a site.

6. Defending Tips as Brimstone:

Use smokes one at a time for sites with a single main entrance.

Unleash your ultimate in tight spaces during retakes to force enemies out.

Use the Stim Beacon aggressively during retakes, just as you would when attacking.

In conclusion, Brimstone might be one of the more straightforward Controllers in Valorant, but with the right strategies, he can rival even the most complex ones. So, the next time you pick Brimstone, remember these tips and light up the battlefield! We hope these Brimstone tips and tricks helped you out on your journey to rank up! 

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