The ultimate Valorant Phoenix Guide in 2023 - The Best Tips and Tricks

Check out these ultimate tips and tricks for Phoenix to rank up!

Valorant Phoenix: Quick Hits

Skills: Blaze, Curveball, Hot Hands, Ultimate: Run It Back.

Attackers' Role: Lead entries with Curveball, carve paths with Blaze, and go all-in with Run It Back.

Defenders' Role: Zone with Blaze, counter-push with Hot Hands, and gather intel or disrupt with Run It Back.

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Phoenix - Blaze: More Than Just a Wall

Phoenix's Blaze isn't your typical barrier. Use it to split sightlines, block enemy vision, or even heal yourself. Its flexible trajectory allows for creative placements, so get experimental!

Phoenix - Curveball: Flash and Dash

Phoenix's signature flash, the Curveball, is all about timing and positioning. Practice left and right curves to blind enemies from various angles. Remember, it's about prediction, not just reaction.

Phoenix - Hot Hands: Zone and Heal

This fiery molotov serves a dual purpose. Use Hot Hands to clear tight spaces, delay enemy pushes, or heal yourself in a pinch. Its versatility makes it a crucial tool in Phoenix's arsenal.

Phoenix -  Run It Back: Second Chances

Phoenix's ultimate is a free ticket to aggression. Use Run It Back to gather intel, make risky plays, or secure site entries. If "killed" during the ult, Phoenix simply returns to his starting point, ready to fight another day.

Phoenix - Attacking Tips:

Initiate with Curveball to blind common angles and facilitate entries.

Use Blaze to block off sightlines or create safe paths for your team.

Activate Run It Back for high-risk, high-reward plays or to draw out enemy utilities.

Phoenix - Defending Tips:

Deploy Blaze to delay attacker pushes or split their entry paths.

Use Hot Hands to counter aggressive rushes or heal after trades.

Consider using Run It Back for early round intel or to disrupt coordinated attacker plays.

In conclusion, Phoenix is the embodiment of aggressive play backed by self-sustain. With a toolkit designed for both combat and survival, he's a force to be reckoned with. Ignite the battlefield, and let Phoenix's blazing spirit lead you to victory! We hope these Phoenix tips and tricks helped you out on your journey to rank up!

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