The ultimate Valorant Raze Guide in 2023 - The Best Tips and Tricks

Check out these ultimate tips and tricks for Raze to rank up!

Valorant Raze: Quick Takeaways

Skills: Boom Bot, Blast Pack, Paint Shells, Ultimate: Showstopper.

Attackers' Role: Clear sites with Boom Bot, create entry paths with Blast Pack, zone defenders with Paint Shells, and secure multi-kills with Showstopper.

Defenders' Role: Deny pushes with Paint Shells, gather intel with Boom Bot, and use Blast Pack for quick repositioning or surprise plays.

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Raze - Boom Bot Brilliance

Raze's Boom Bot is not just a cute roller; it's a lethal scout. Deploy it to clear tight angles, force enemies out of hiding, or even as a distraction. Its ability to lock onto enemies can provide crucial intel.

Raze - Blast Pack: Mobility and Mayhem

The Blast Pack is Raze's tool for mobility and disruption. Use it to boost yourself to unexpected angles, escape tight situations, or even deal damage by detonating it near enemies. Mastering its trajectory can lead to some jaw-dropping plays.

Raze - Paint Shells: Zone and Explode

Raze's Paint Shells are grenades on steroids. Toss them to deny plant/defuse attempts, clear tight spaces, or force enemies out of strong positions. Their multi-explosion pattern can catch many off-guard.

Raze - Showstopper: The Name Says It All

Raze's ultimate is pure devastation. Use it to break into heavily guarded sites, counter clustered enemies, or secure crucial round wins. When Raze shouts, "Here comes the party!", you know things are about to get wild.

Raze - Attacking Tips:

  • Deploy Boom Bot into sites to clear common hiding spots and force defenders to reveal their positions.
  • Use Blast Pack to quickly enter sites or reach unexpected angles.
  • Toss Paint Shells into common defender spots to clear them out and make space for your team.

Raze -  Defending Tips:

  • Use Paint Shells to deny or delay attacker pushes, especially during tight chokepoints.
  • Deploy Boom Bot in high-traffic areas to gather intel and potentially damage attackers.
  • Consider using Blast Pack for quick rotations or to surprise attackers with an aggressive play.

We hope these Jett tips and tricks helped you out on your journey to rank up!

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