The ultimate Valorant Reyna Guide in 2023 - The Best Tips and Tricks

Check out these ultimate tips and tricks for Reyna to rank up!

Valorant Reyna - Top Takeaways

Skills: Leer, Dismiss, Devour, Ultimate: Empress.

Attackers' Role: Secure opening frags, use Leer to blind and disorient defenders, and capitalize on Dismiss and Devour to sustain and reposition.

Defenders' Role: Hold aggressive angles, disrupt attacker pushes with Leer, and utilize Dismiss to reposition after securing a kill.

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Reyna - Leer: More Than Meets the Eye

Reyna's Leer is a unique blinding tool that passes through walls. Use it to disrupt multiple enemies, clear common angles, or assist teammates in their pushes. Its ethereal nature can be a game-changer in tight situations.

Reyna - Dismiss: Ghostly Getaway

With every kill, Reyna has the option to become intangible and reposition with Dismiss. Use it to escape tight spots, dodge enemy fire, or even to surprise enemies with unexpected angles.

Reyna - Devour: Feast to Fight Another Day

Reyna's Devour allows her to heal off her victims. After securing a kill, use Devour to get back into the fight, ensuring you're always at peak performance. Remember, during her ultimate, Devour is automatic upon a kill.

Reyna - Empress: Ascend to Dominance

Reyna's ultimate, Empress, supercharges her abilities. With faster firing speed, automatic Devour, and the ability to use Dismiss even faster, it's her ticket to dominating rounds. When activated, it's a signal to go aggressive and hunt.

Reyna - Attacking Tips:

Use Leer to blind common defensive spots, facilitating safer entries or forcing defenders out of position.

After securing a pick, consider using Dismiss to quickly change your position or Devour to heal up for the next engagement.

Activate Empress during crucial rounds or when you anticipate multiple engagements to maximize its potential.

Reyna - Defending Tips:

Hold off-angles and surprise attackers with your aggressive playstyle, capitalizing on Dismiss to reposition after a kill.

Deploy Leer in chokepoints or entryways to delay or disorient attacker pushes.

Use Empress to counter aggressive pushes or to retake sites with enhanced capabilities.

We hope these Reyna tips and tricks helped you out on your journey to rank up! 

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