The ultimate Valorant Sage Guide in 2023 - The Best Tips and Tricks

Check out these ultimate tips and tricks for Sage to rank up!

Valorant Sage - overview

Skills: Barrier Orb, Slow Orb, Healing Orb, Ultimate: Resurrection.

Attackers' Role: Heal wounded allies, use Barrier Orb to secure plant sites or block sightlines, and deploy Slow Orb to deter defenders.

Defenders' Role: Fortify sites with Barrier Orb, delay pushes with Slow Orb, and keep teammates in the fight with Healing Orb.

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Sage - Barrier Orb: More Than Just a Wall

Sage's Barrier Orb isn't just for blocking; it's a strategic tool. Use it to create new sightlines, block enemy vision, or even boost yourself or teammates to unexpected positions. Its versatility can reshape the battlefield.

Sage - Slow Orb: The Art of Patience

Deploy Sage's Slow Orb to deter aggressive pushes, control chokepoints, or even to secure a post-plant situation. Enemies caught in it are not only slowed but also emit a distinct sound, giving away their position.

Sage - Healing Orb: The Lifeline

Sage's Healing Orb is a game-changer. Use it to restore health to wounded allies or even yourself. In the heat of battle, ensuring your team's sustainability can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Sage - Resurrection: A Second Chance

Sage's ultimate, Resurrection, can turn the tide of a round. Use it to bring back key players, especially during crucial rounds. But be cautious; ensure you're in a safe position before attempting a revive.

Sage - Attacking Tips:

Deploy Barrier Orb to block off defender sightlines during a site take or to protect the Spike planter.

Use Slow Orb to control defender rotations or to secure post-plant situations.

Always be aware of teammates' health and use Healing Orb when necessary to keep the push alive.

Sage - Defending Tips:

Fortify key chokepoints or sightlines with Barrier Orb, forcing attackers to rethink their approach.

Deploy Slow Orb in high-traffic areas or entry points to delay attacker pushes.

Stay in a position where you can safely heal teammates without exposing yourself to unnecessary risks.

We hope these Sage tips and tricks helped you out on your journey to rank up! 

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