The ultimate Valorant Yoru Guide in 2023 - The Best Tips and Tricks

Check out these ultimate tips and tricks for Yoru to rank up!

Valorant Yoru - Overview

Skills: Fakeout, Blindside, Gatecrash, Ultimate: Dimensional Drift.

Attackers' Role: Deceive with Fakeout, blind defenders with Blindside, infiltrate sites using Gatecrash, and roam freely with Dimensional Drift.

Defenders' Role: Mislead attackers with Fakeout, delay pushes with Blindside, and use Gatecrash for quick repositioning or flanks.

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Yoru - Fakeout: Deception's Best Friend

Yoru's Fakeout sends out footsteps that mimic player sounds. Use it to mislead enemies, fake pushes, or divert attention. When enemies are second-guessing every step they hear, you're doing it right.

Yoru - Blindside: Flash and Dash

Blindside is Yoru's explosive flash. Bounce it off walls to catch enemies off-guard or throw it straight to force them out of cover. Its unique trajectory can create opportunities for aggressive plays.

Yoru - Gatecrash: Infiltration at its Finest

Gatecrash allows Yoru to send out a rift tether and later teleport to its location. Use it to create flanking opportunities, escape tight spots, or simply to reposition. Its versatility can keep enemies on their toes.

Yoru - Dimensional Drift: Reality's Wild Card

Yoru's ultimate, Dimensional Drift, lets him step through the fabric of reality. While in this mode, he's invisible and invulnerable to enemies but can't shoot. Use it to gather intel, flank, or simply to sow chaos among the enemy ranks.

Yoru - Attacking Tips:

Use Fakeout to simulate pushes, forcing defenders to second-guess their positions.

Blindside can clear common angles, facilitating safer entries onto sites.

Deploy Gatecrash for potential flanks or rapid site entries, catching defenders off-balance.

Yoru - Defending Tips:

Mislead attackers with Fakeout, making them wary of potential flanks.

Use Blindside to delay or deter aggressive pushes.

Consider using Gatecrash for quick rotations or to surprise attackers with unexpected positioning.

We hope these Yoru tips and tricks helped you out on your journey to rank up! 

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