Top 3 CSGO trackers in 2023

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CSGO over the last 10 years has been a must-play game for millions of gamers who are into strategic shooters. Millions of gamers play it every day. Rush sides, throwing smokes and hoping not to flash themselves nor their teammates. In case you want to see your stats learn more about CSGO trackers and CSGO strategy tools in this blog post.

What is a CS GO tracker?

CS-GO trackers are an awesome way to keep track of your CS-GO stats. See how many bombs you have defused, and how many bombs you have planted. Do you want to know how much damage you have done? Well, check it out in of the trackers below! Let me tell you I am sure you are going to be surprised by those numbers! Get tracking today – it's never been easier or more fun to stay on top of your CS-GO stats. Happy tracking!

Why are CSGO strategy/mapping tools so important?

You are tired of losing all the time or getting rushed by perfectly coordinated attacks from your enemies? Have you ever wondered how they got so great?

Many professional coaches and hardcore gamers use Gazoom's CSGO strategy tool. This tool helps them practice their tactics and smokes to get ready for a match. So use Gazoom to level up your game. You want to quickly know how to throw a smoke in banana on inferno? Well, the Gazoom strategy tool will show you all of them perfectly on the second screen. No long youtube search in the buying time.

How to capture CSGO?

Gazoom automatically captures all your CSGO gaming highlights for you. That way you can just focus on clutching every single game. No worries we will capture everything for you!

What are the benefits of using a CSGO tracker?

CSGO trackers are great to get an overview of all your statics. Basically, the best tool to flex in front of your gamer friends!

They are also a great way to see what areas you still need improvements in order to rank up and get to that global elite status!

Shots accuracy is definitely one of the stats that helps you to see, that this is something you might need to work on. We are sure though that you are almost a S1mple with that AK.

What are the best CSGO trackers?

There are many different CSGO trackers available, but not all of them are the same. Some trackers only track basic statistics like kills and deaths, while others provide more detailed information such as shots accuracy, bombs planted, money earned and many more.

Check out our top 3 CSGO trackers for 2023 below:


CSGOstats.com tracking

CSGOStats is amazing website to nicely showcases all your important statistics about headshot percentage and many more in a nice looking outlay. See what is your most played map, or what is your most successful map.


csgo stats tracker

Csgoranking.com like the other two tracker above is also an amazing tracker which showcases you all your stats in a simple manner. They also have different tabs to see more stats on weapons, maps, ranks and even your trends.

cs go stats tracker


tracker.gg CSGO stats

Tracker.gg is an amazing website that trackers not only CSGO but many other games such as Valorant, Apex Legends, Rainbow Six and many more. As you can see on the screenshot above it trackers many stats and delivers it in a simple manner.  Check it out tracker.gg.

In our opinion, these are the best 3 CSGO trackers. Go and check them out!


Q: How do I use a CSGO tracker?

A: Ready to take your CSGO game up a notch? They are quite easy to use, just type in your steam username and get all your favorite weapon stats etc. For some trackers you might need to login with steam, which is also fine.  

Q: What are the best CSGO Strategy tools?

A: Gazoom's CSGO strategy tool is a great way to practice different scenarios such as how to best take over a bomb site and how to throw certain nades. All thanks to their easy integrated guides that can be pulled up while playing on your second screen. No more long searches on Youtube.

Q: What information can I view with a Valorant tracker?

A: A Valorant tracker can keep you updated with the most current information, such as your kills, deaths, win-loss ratio, and other metrics like maps or game modes. Not only that but some trackers are even better by providing additional data such as headshot percentage plus a kill/death ratio! Trackers will help take the guesswork out of understanding your performance so that you can make sure to be at your best each match.

Q: Are there any official CSGO trackers?

A: Unfortunately, there are no official CSGO trackers. Thanks to the API though you the trackers above are able to get your stats in no time. So relax, kick back and start flexing with your stats in front of your friends!  

Q: Are there any third-party CSGO trackers that are safe to use?

A: The CSGO trackers that are listed above are all safe to use. Get your stats and start flexing among your friends!

Q: Can a CSGO tracker get you banned?

A: No, CSGO trackers will not get your account banned. The CSGO Tracker websites collect all its data from the official CSGO APIs. So nothing to worry about, you can geek out completely on your stats!

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