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Unleash the Bull, Alistar AP Mid Guide (Latest Patch) - Headbutt the Meta and Charge to Victory!

This full AP Alistar Mid Guide, lets you ONE SHOT your enemies! Fun to play for sure! 

AP Alistar Mid Runes (One Shot Build):

Ap alistar runes


Dark Harvest

Cheap Shot

Eyeball Collection

Relentless Hunter



Manaflow Band

Stat Shards:

+8 ability haste

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)

+6 Armor

AP Alistar Mid -Summoner Spells:

Alistar summoner Spells



AP Alistar Mid Items Guide

Starting Items:

Alistar starter items

Doran's Ring, Health Potion, Stealth Ward OR

alistar ap starter items

Corrupting Potion, Stealth Ward

Alistar FULL AP build:

Alistar full ap build


Sorcerer's Shoes

Lich Bane

Horizon Focus

Void Staff

Rabadon's Deathcap

Elixir of Sorcery

Alistar FULL AP - against tanks build:

Alistar anti-tank build

Liandry's Anguish, Mercury's Treads, Demonic Embrace, Void Staff, Rabadon's Deathcap, Abyssal Mask

Alistar Mid - Ability Skill Order:

Alistar Mid - General Playstyle:

Alistar mid is about utilizing his strong early game and CC to dominate the lane. His Q-W combo can be used to engage, disengage, or set up ganks. With the Everfrost item, you can further enhance your CC chain, making it difficult for enemies to escape.

AP Alistar Mid- Farming:

Alistar's farming can be a bit tricky due to his melee nature. Use your abilities wisely to secure last hits, and don't be afraid to use your passive, Triumphant Roar, to sustain in lane.

AP Alistar - Laning Phase:

Play aggressively, especially when your jungler is nearby. Your Q-W combo can easily set up ganks. However, be wary of champions that can outrange you, like Xerath.

AP Alistar - Mid and Late Game:

In the mid to late game, Alistar becomes a teamfighting beast. Engage with your combo, and use your ultimate to tank damage for your team. Remember to peel for your carries if needed.

Teamfights as AP Alistar:

Engage with your Q-W combo, followed by E for additional CC. Use your R to become nearly unkillable and disrupt the enemy backline. Your main role is to be a frontline tank and disruptor.

Dragon and Baron fights as Alistar Mid:

For Dragon and Baron objectives, Alistar can act as a tank and also use his combo to knock away enemy junglers, preventing steals.

Alistar Mid (full AP) - Matchups:

Bad Matchup:

Xerath: He can outrange you and will be troublesome. Consider picking Teleport and coordinate with your jungler for ganks.

Good Synergies:

Amumu: Alistar works well with almost all junglers, but champions like Amumu, with additional CC, can make ganks deadly. Alistar's combo CC will allow your jungler to secure early kills.

Enjoy this Alistar FULL AP Mid guide for patch 13.16 and start ranking up. 

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