Valorant Penis Crosshair Guide

Valorant Penis Crosshair Tutorial

Yes, you read that right, a Valorant penis crosshair! Is it time to add a little extra excitement to your VALORANT gameplay? Look no further than the Valorant penis crosshair. It's the crosshair that looks like a giant, blocky phallus. The perfect crosshair when you like to teabag your enemies.

How do i get the Valorant penis crosshair?

It's very easy, if you're ready to take the plunge (pun intended) and give it a try, I've got the code for you. Just plug it in and get ready to aim for the... well, you know where.

Valorant Penis Crosshair Code

Valorant penis crosshair code:


Valorant Penis Crosshair

Just plug in the penis valorant crosshair code and get ready to hit some croaches. To experience the full, delightful impact of the penis crosshair, press and hold down your trigger so that it eliminates the top portion of your crosshair. Although this may make it slightly more difficult to see what you're firing at, who cares when there's a gigantic pixelated phallus on display?

Build Valorant strategies and start rocking your penis-crosshair!

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What other cool Valorant crosshairs are out there?

Are you done using the dick crosshair? want to switch it up ? Check out our guides on the Valorant vagina crosshair.

Maybe you want something more cute? Check out our flower crosshair Valorant or the heart crosshair Valorant.


Can I use the penis crosshair in a ranked game?

While we wouldn't recommend it, you can certainly use the penis crosshair in a ranked game if you're feeling particularly brave (or foolish).

Will I get reported for offensive behavior if I use the penis crosshair?

It's possible. Not everyone can handle the sheer awesomeness of a penis crosshair. Use at your own risk.

Is the penis crosshair hard to create?

No, simply copy and paste the crosshair code into your settings.


What other gimmick crosshairs are there?

There is the flower crosshair, smiley crosshair, vagina crosshair, heart crosshair, shuriken and many more.

Is the penis crosshair practical?

Let's be real, the penis crosshair isn't practical at all. But who needs practicality when you've got a giant, blocky phallus on your screen?

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