Valorant Premier - The ultimate FAQs

What is Valorant Premier?

Valorant Premier is Valorant's team based ranked system that connects the game and the sport as a greater whole. This new challenge will invite you to build a team and compete throughout the act in a series of weekly matches on designated maps.

When will Valorant Premier start?

The Valorant Premier global Beta is planned to begin in Act III of Episode 6.

How does Valorant Premier work?

Throughout each act, you will be competing with your teammates in a series of weekly matches.

If you win enough of your Valorant Premier matches, you will earn your way into a playoff tournament, where you battle to be crowned one of the top teams in your skill division.

Premier will be an exciting way for any 5 stacks of friends to compete together but for those who expire to be pro.

Valorant Mapping tool the way to prepare for Valorant Premier

Build your own strategies as well as the sequencing of taking over any Spike site and start winning!

valorant mapping tool

From Valorant Premier to becoming a Valorant Pro-player

Let's say you found your dream team and win game after game. You feel super confident and you are hungry for bigger challenges. In the future, Premier will be the path to the VCT Challenger leagues. No more open qualifier events. Your path to becoming a pro starts in-game. If you do great, you will get a shot at challengers. Once you are there, well you play with the pros! From the challenger leagues, you can promote into the international leagues and one-day even to champions.

This is definitely a unique path to becoming a pro as well this gives everyone around the world the chance to become a pro no matter where they live!

Is Valorant Premier free?

Yes, Valorant Premier will be free. Just get your friends hyped up for the upcoming league and become one of the best teams in your rank division!

How can I best prepare for Valorant Premier?

Do you want to kick-ass in the upcoming Valorant Premier League with your team? Well, then you are at the right place. So what are actually the biggest impactors for a team to win? Yes, you can say now the aim is number 1 and probably the most obvious one. In the end what makes the difference between Diamond and an Immortal player is less the aim and more the implementation of tactics and understanding of how to best rotate and use your agents abilities.

Get your comps and playbooks together and prepare for Valorant Premier!

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